"My name is Samuel Finn and I believe in Fitness"

Ok, I can't take credit for that one, I stole the quote above from Daniel Luis (played by mark Wahlberg) in the movie Pain & Gain. BUT, my name is really Samuel Finn, I didn’t steel that one, my mom gave it to me at birth. And I do really believe in fitness. I also believe in enjoying life, keeping things simple, pushing our boundaries, dark chocolate, and wine. 

I built this website when I was 21 years old with the objective of helping people become healthier. I started with fitness programs and nutrition plans. Recently, I co-founded a business called Ergonofis with the objective of helping people grow healthier at the office. To be honest, I got bored by the fitness industry because of all the “fitness coaches”, “fitness models”, and super Instagram stars. I hate being bored and so I won’t bore you with more details here, however, I did write a blog post about my boredom, check it out if you want (click here)!

Nowadays, I still train people online, I run Ergonofis with a great group of people, I still model a bit (not a fitness model, even though I am required to take my shirt off every once in a while), I read a lot, and I try to get better everyday. After taking a year and a half off from this website due to my boredom, I’ve finally decided to come back, with a new purpose.


My personal mission is:

“Inspire people to challenge themselves, ultimately building a community of life long learners to take over the universe and create a world where taking 500 selfies is punishable by death!”