I have absolutely nothing against taking pictures with your shirt off (you might find a few too many of myself on the web). I’m also all for being in good shape and feeling confident. Don’t get me wrong, everybody wants to look good. The only difference is in the way I see thing, my perspective. For me, looking good and feeling confidant is not having to edit every picture you take, it’s posting the freakin thing knowing fully that you’re not perfect… Embracing your imperfectness, now that’s true beauty. And by the way, you don’t need to be at 4% body fat and fully dehydrated to have a 6-pack!



It seems that taking 500 shirtless pictures in front of the mirror, taking an extra 5 hours to edit one of them and posting it on Instagram is the thing nowadays. Although personally I’m not a big fan of selfies, they’re fine, especially group selfies when everyone’s messing around and having fun. What I can’t stand though is the fact that most people idolize Instagram stars and are jealous because those stars look good in picture and because “she’s got such nice skin”. Well she spent half her day taking pictures and the other half editing a few pimples out, all while slimming her face down, so yeah obviously her skin looks good!

 Yeah that's me and the family taking a selife... They're crazy! 

Yeah that's me and the family taking a selife... They're crazy! 


To make things worst, guys started taking hundreds of selfies too, they even started adding a little extra, they take their shirts off and flex, a lot. That’s where the boredom and the sickness all started for me. Being in the fitness industry all of a sudden had nothing to do with good programming, it became all about how many ab-shots you posted on Instagram #abs.

That trend led to tons of unqualified people pretending to be good trainers. Let’s make something clear:

Just because you’re good at training and taking pictures doesn’t mean you’re good at programming for other people.

The next thing that happened is everyone started calling themselves fitness coaches and thousands of diets and training programs came out. Thousand of customers jumped on unhealthy programs just to look like the guy on the cover and 99% of the population now has no freakin clue what’s actually healthy and what’s not.

From that moment I started a revolution, only I didn’t tell anyone, I just stopped promoting myself as a trainer because I was embarrassed of the term. People started telling me “oh yeah, you’re like him or him (I won’t name anyone)” and it pissed me off! I’m not like any guy who thinks fitness and health is posting pictures of you in front of the mirror after a crash diet and a "good pump".

Tweet: True health, true fitness is not measured in the number of abs you see in the mirror when taking a selfie #body #Imsogoodlooking @finner06

True health, true fitness is not measured in the number of abs you see in the mirror when taking a selfie #body #6pack #Imsogoodlooking

Trainers are probably second behind car salesman in terms of reputation… in my mind anyway… So after about a year and a half, I decided it was enough with the silence, today’s the first day that I speak up and I intend to build a community of like minded people that want to be truly healthy and that want to live a life where eating chocolate and having a glass of wine is okay.

The silence is over, I’m back! I’ll still post health related articles, I’ll keep coaching people online, but I’ll also dig into other areas as well such as entrepreneurship, personal growth, and other interesting subjects that I think a certain audience might benefit from. It’s time we took a step back from all these superficial fitness trends.