Imagine you could...

Lose fat, gain muscle, become stronger, and more importantly, be truly healthy from the inside out, all while being coached by me!

What's this coaching program? Basically, it`s an all included plan that will tell you what to eat, how to train, how often, what supplements to take and much more to help you achieve your goals, all based on a pleasant and sustainable lifestyle. Believe me I`m all about achieving goals while having fun and living fully. However, it's not all about fun, I take my clients goals very very seriously. I’ll go above and beyond to help you, educate you and give you the resources to become the man or women you want to become. All that for less than what you would pay for a week’s worth of personal training. Now that might sound too good to be true, where’s the catch huh? There really isn’t a catch, read on!


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Accessible from anywhere

It’s all online, therefore you don’t have to go to a specific gym, you pick the one you want. That means you don’t have to train with the trainer closest to you. You can hire an online trainer that best fits with you.


Built for you

You don’t have to work your schedule around mine, you train whenever you want. Actually, you’re going to tell me when you want to workout and I’ll make a precise game plan with that in mind.

Your own schedule

One hour sessions? Trainers are pretty much always limited to training clients for one hour so they have to build their program based on that. I build my programs based on you.


Full package

As I already mentioned, this is not your typical training program, this is a lifestyle engineering program. This means I’ll design a fitness program, a nutrition guide, and a supplement plan specifically tailored to your needs, objectives, availabilities, and experiences. 

Questions? Read below.

  • Do you need a gym membership? In the ideal world you’d have a membership, but we don’t live in an ideal world and I know a lot of women hate going to the gym because of all the sharks that look at their booties while they squat. To answer the question, you don’t need a membership. I’ve helped clients achieve their goals with absolutely nothing but their bodyweight and their sweat. 
  • How do the payments work? Pretty simple, they'll be made securely via Paypal where you can create an account, use the one you already have or pay with a credit card if you don't want a Paypal account.



  • You have unlimited direct access to me to ask questions, discuss your progress and your experience to then make the necessary adjustments. 
  • I will not starve you, I will not cut carbs completely from your diet, I will certainly not cut out all the foods you love. I don’t believe in short term crash diets, I believe in long-term sustainable lifestyle changes.

  • This program is not intended for you to stop going out. You will get to go out. What’s the purpose of being confident and proud of your body if not to show it off a little here and there in a bar or in a restaurant or wherever you like to go?

So, THE question, is it for you?

If you want to gain muscle mass, lose fat, become stronger, become quicker, become an overall beast and be proud to take your shirt off when you go to the beach, then it’s definitely for you. More importantly, if you want to be truly healthy and you want it to be sustainable, then it’s definitely for you. Just a quick side note, whether you’re a gym expert looking for something new or you never stepped foot in a gym, if you want more, it is for you. 

However, it’s not for you if you’re looking for a quick fix or a magic pill that will do all the work for you. The programs I’ll build will be hard, you’ll hate me, you’ll swear my name, but you’ll love me at the end of the day. That being said, if you’re not 100% ready to commit, thank you for considering my program, but I politely ask that you not waste our precious time and your precious money at the moment. When and if you feel ready to commit, you know where to find me! 


Interested? Fill out the information below and I’ll get in touch with you as fast as possible to further discuss the program and see if it’s right for you! 

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