“Sam does a great job at getting you out of your comfort zone and pushing you towards your goals. He also helped me when it came to a nutrition plan, he would explain what foods are better for you and which foods are better to stay away from. I’ve done alot of progress when it comes to reaching my personal goals and I've come up with many different goals along the way which Sam has or still is working with me to achieve. He is a very determined and fun trainer, I would recommend him to anyone who is just as determined as he is.” 

- Emily DeBonis

“In fact, previously, I knew that it was a failure (his health) and that if I continued in this direction, I wouldn’t see my kids grow up. I weighted 218lbs. and was 40% bodyfat.

 My wife then gave me a gift that changed my life: she offered me a coupon to try Crosffit. I now smile a lot mort and I stopped smoking! Despite the ups and downs, I persevered! However, the scale still showed 218lbs. still… I then try a few diets by myself, without any results for 9 months. Still, the infamous 218lbs. even if I do Crossfit 4 times a week... 

I was then introduced to Sam, qui had helped a friend lose a lot of weight. I was a bit perpexled at first, but I had nothing to lose! So I decided to give it a go!

Results after the 1st month: lost 20lbs.! Results after 2nd month: 20.3% bodyfat! Wow! What is going on? Have I finally learned how to control of my food? To this day, I’ve lost 40lbs. and my bodyfat dropped under 19%! I still do the programs of Sam everyday with healthy ingredients and without ruining my long-term health. A learning curve for the better! Last week, I even got to wear a t-shirt with the size large for the first time in 20 years!!!!

Thanks Sam!"

- Sylvain Moreau

"Sam Finn isn't just a friend. Even thought he's only 25 years old, with the maturity he shows, some of you may think he could be 45! Just with a look he understands people and this is why his book is so special. He puts all of his knowledge in about a hundred pages to help everyone of us become better human beings."

 - Simon Darveau

"Sam's professionalism is awesome! In addition to meet deadlines, he gave me some interesting alternatives and answered all my questions! Undoubtedly, RESPECT is the word to describe his services. By adapting to my needs and goals, he transmitted me his "balanced living" philosophy. Thank you for everything!"

- Laurence Vermet

"Sam's relentless work ethic, dedication and insight were always a source of inspiration for me on as well as off the ice. His honesty and passion not only made me a better hockey player but more importantly a better teammate and person."

 - Stefan Fournier